2605, 2017

Oral Cancer

This type of cancer is becoming more common and is also occurring at a younger age. As with all cancers we do not know fully what causes it although the usual culprits of smoking and alcohol are linked with an increased incidence of oral cancer.
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2603, 2017

Prevention and Treatment of Gum / Periodontal Disease

Gum disease is rapidly becoming one of the most common causes of loss of teeth in adults. It is characterised by gum bleeding, pocketing of the gums and loss of the supporting bone leading to loose teeth and eventually tooth loss. It is caused by an imbalance in the body’s immune response to the bacteria that live on our teeth. It is this immune response that leads to the destruction of the bone and recession of the gums.
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2602, 2017

Prevention Of Dental Decay

Dental decay is caused by the bacteria that live on our teeth metabolising the sugars in our diet and producing acids that slowly dissolve the hard structure of the teeth. It is a very common but unnecessary condition and can be completely preventable with a bit of effort.
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